What to do not to forget your French during the summer break ?

You are still motivated to study French but your teacher has a summer break !




Don’t worry! A break is the best moment to go back to what you’ve studied so far. Actually, it’s THE moment to review and memorize the elements that you never had the time to master.


Here are a few activities that you can have during the summer :


  • Making flashcards : what about making your own learning tool to have an overall view of all the tenses and of the vocabulary ?

Making flashcards is a good way of making a synthesis and of memorizing everything more easily. Don’t hesitate to use colors.


  • Making a chart to summarize all the tenses.


Example :


Temps / Tense : Exemple de phrase affirmative / Example of a positive sentence : Exemple de phrase négative /Example of a negative sentence : Quand utiliser ce temps / When to use the tense :





Je chanterai.


Je ne chanterai pas.

–            Prédiction

–               Parler de l’avenir…



  • Reading your notebook as if it was a book. Highlight the elements that you need to memorize.


  • Reading in French : books or articles which are especially written for foreigners or authentic books or articles. Read what is interesting to you.


  • Practicing your pronunciation. Listen to podcasts, read the transcription and read it out loud. Check with the podcast if you have a doubt.


  • Watching movies or the news in French.


  • Doing exercises online to practice your grammar.


  • Speaking in French. Seize each opportunity to practice your French. Go to French restaurants, to French parties… Maybe it’s the moment to enjoy a holiday in a French-speaking country 😉


  • Writing in French to the French-speakers you know. It’s always good to keep in touch and your friends would appreciate your efforts. You can also write a text about your holiday activities to your teacher. You can give him/her the text during your first class in September.


  • If you have specific needs, ask your teacher to give you some relevant resources.


CaliFrenchlife is a good website to practice your pronunciation with podcasts, to read adapted articles about the French culture and to review your grammar !

Don’t hesitate to click on the links in red.

Passez un bel été!

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