How to write a text in French when you’re a beginner?


A lot of beginners think that writing a text in French is difficult.

Here are some pieces of advice to feel more comfortable when you have to write a text in French :

  • First, think in French. Forget your mother tongue. During this exercise, your native language is source of interference and mistakes.
  • Before writing, you should know what to write. Consequently, thinking of the content of your text is essential. Work with drafts and use as many sheets as you need. Make a brainstorming and write your ideas using short sentences or keywords in French.
  • Then, organize your ideas. Your development can be chronological or thematic. Your choice will depend on the type of subject you have to develop.
  • Begin to write your text.
  • Simplify your ideas, use the vocabulary that you know and think of mobilizing your knowledge in grammar.
  • In order to write a coherent text, use linking words : tout d’abord, ensuite, puis, finalement…
  • If you don’t know a word in French, it’s not the end of the world. Try to give a definition of this word. Look it up in the dictionary only when you really can’t find another way of expressing yourself.
  • When you use a dictionary, try to read all the suggestions to choose the right context. Avoid automatic translators, they often choose the context for you and the result is often mediocre.
  • When you have finished writing your text, take the time to read it two or three times. Question yourself about the use of the tenses, the prepositions, the order of the words in your sentences… You will be surprised by the number of mistakes you can avoid just by reading your text again.

After the writing, you can be proud of yourself because you were able to think and write in a foreign language. Bravo!

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