Suggestions of French-speaking videos on Netflix

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This article is in English because everybody can watch these videos on, even real beginners because the subtitles are in English.

Movies are made to reflect reality so the actors do not enunciate well all the time. They speak like in real life and it’s a very good exercise for you.


Let’s discover these movie suggestions ! Their genres are different but they are all part of this selection because they will make you think about life and are interesting in their own way.


What’s In A Name ?

It’s a Franco-Belgian movie which was adapted from a play.

The topic is the future name of a baby. Not everybody agrees and speaks about their arguments. Little by little, this discussion leads to deeper problems between the different characters.

It’s an entertaining movie. It is funny and sad, which is one of the features of French movies.



This is a French comedy by Julie Delpy.

A Parisian woman meets a man during her holiday in Biarritz. At the beginning, she thinks it will just be a fling, but her boyfriend finds a job in Paris so he’s going to move there. Their relationship can continue. Everything seems to be perfect except that one person will do everything to destroy this love story.



Marguerite is a French drama.

Marguerite is a classical singer. She thinks she ‘s very talented because everybody comes to see her at her place to hear her sing. But her problems begin when she decides to sing outside her house, where nobody was told to act as if she was singing perfectly.

This movie is a reflection about how far hypocrisy can go and how much it can hurt.


The Measure of a Man:

It is a French drama featuring Vincent Lindon who won the best actor Palme d’Or during the Festival of Cannes in 2015.

It’s a French movie which deals with the reality of an unemployed 52-year-old man. You will see his struggle to save his family life and his dignity despite the terrible spiral of the failed interviews and of the ineffective appointments at the employment agency. This movie denounces the bad aspects of a system and the condescending behaviour of some people who tend to take advantage of their power in front of somebody who’s living a difficult situation.


The African Doctor:

This lovely movie is a French comedy-drama, that is to say that you will laugh and cry, so be ready for that !

A doctor who studied in France is offered a job in a small village in the countryside. He decides to ask his family from Congo to come to France to have a brand new start. He thinks it’s the best for his family but they will have difficulties to integrate their new community.


The last suggestion is not a movie but a one-man show: Gad Gone Wild.

The show was recorded in Montreal, Canada. He speaks about his experience as a new resident in New York. Gad Elmaleh is from Morocco. He has lived in France and began to live in the US recently. In this show, he compares the Moroccan, the French and the American cultures. The contrasts are interesting and funny ! The show is in French but he sometimes speaks in English. Anyway, the subtitles are in English, so you will enjoy every second of the show.

Gad Elmaleh is very successful in France. It’s the moment to check if humour can always cross borders.

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