How to manage your time to work on your French between classes?

When you began French classes, you were enthusiastic. You spent time to read your vocabulary out loud and do your exercises. Time flew by and you began to spend less and less time on your French between classes. One day, you realized that the French class was particularly difficult and you began to think of giving up. You think you’re too busy to continue. You have your work, your family and other activities…




Stop thinking in this way. It’s the trap where most of the language students fall but YOU are different. You love the French language so you should find time to catch up and work on your lessons between the classes.

It’s important to know that most students think of giving up from time to time but it doesn’t mean that they really do it. It’s not by giving up that you will find satisfaction and reach your linguistic goals to make your dreams come true.

First, take your calendar and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What time am I most available to study?
  • What day could I study?

You just need to find one hour or two per week. The time that you need must be estimated according to your level and the amount you have to catch up.

To be really efficient, two separate hours are better. You study and learn a first time during the first hour and you check what you memorized and reinforce your learning during the second hour.

To make this study moment attractive, you can organize a setting for your French studies:

  • French music as a background (not too loud, of course)
  • If you study in the morning, bake some frozen croissants and drink a good coffee while studying.
  • If you study in the evening, drink a glass of French wine (only one!) while you’re studying.

If other people in your group have problems to be motivated, get together once a week in a café or at somebody’s place to study together and help each other.

Don’t hesitate to speak about your problems with your teacher, he / she will guide you and help you get caught up and find pleasure in French again. It’s the job of a teacher to give you tips and organize his/ her class to review vocabulary and grammar. If you have problems, other students probably have problems too. Consequently, by speaking about your concerns, you can help other people!

Don’t think more, go to the supermarket and buy croissants and wine. Enjoy your French moments alone or with some other students from your group!


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