Why is it fundamental to continue learning French during the lockdown?

Learning a language is like going to the gym. If you stop from one day to another, it may be hard to continue and you may have wasted your time and money.

Here are the reasons why you need continue learning French during the lockdown, even if it is a tough period.

ONE: Consistency is key

Learning a foreign language is something that you build thanks to consistency. You learn new things with your teacher, then you take the time to memorize them and practice them at your own rhythm until the next class. That’s how you improve your linguistic skills.

TWO: The guidance of a teacher is essential to be efficient

Some people may think that they can learn alone thanks to the rich content of the internet. It is true that there are very good websites to learn vocabulary, practice grammar and learn about the culture of French-speaking countries. But the internet is so rich that you would not know where to begin and if so, you would not know how to continue and if so, would you find the motivation to continue alone for a long time? Your teacher can guide you towards the right resources according to a thought progression. Moreover, the regularity of the appointments with your teacher balances your way of learning. You learn new things during the class, you study, and you do your homework before a certain date, which makes you more efficient and motivated.

THREE: You have more time during the lockdown, take advantage of it

Even if you still work remotely, you save precious time not commuting to your office. Seize this opportunity to review, take more online classes to reinforce your level or read about cultural facts which fascinate you. Enjoy this time to live your passion for the French language by watching movies, listening to French songs, reading the news, contacting French friends or practicing your grammar thanks to exercises which are corrected online.

FOUR: Take care of yourself!

Learning a foreign language is a personal process. You began to learn French because you were interested in being able to speak French due to various reasons: heritage, the dream of visiting Paris, of finding love, of having an international career… If you stop learning, even if it’s just for a short while, you will inevitably regress and forget many things. Continue doing activities for yourself. Learning French is an enchanting break so why would you stop taking care of yourself while it has positive effects on you?

FIVE: Speaking French regularly is essential in the process of learning

The best way of learning French is to speak the language. If you stop having opportunities to speak in French due to social-distancing, you will lose a lot of your fluency. Continue seizing all the opportunities to speak French: have conversations with your teacher, attend a virtual “apéro”…

SIX: The online appointments with your teacher are a good way of escaping reality

You can have interesting conversations with a person who does not belong to your direct world respecting social-distancing, your health and the health of the others.

The lockdown is maybe the best moment of your life to concentrate on your learning of the French language. It is totally safe when you do it online. Do not stop or pause this intellectual activity which pleases you because of the lockdown, you will certainly regret it in the future. According to Oscar Wilde, “To regret one’s own experiences is to arrest one’s own development. To deny one’s own experiences is to put a lie into the lips of one’s own life. It is no less than a denial of the soul.”

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