What can French bring to your career?


These celebrities speak French and are very successful in their career. Who doesn’t remember Jodie Foster who speaks French fluently in Elyseum?

Being able to speak another language always looks good on a resume. You will stand out from other Americans who don’t have this skill. As French is spoken in many territories on the planet, you’ll be able to do business with more countries easily. Canada is a bilingual neighbor country and the French-speaking countries located in Europe are quite successful economically (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco). So maybe it’s time to think about doing business with them or expanding your company!

International companies are trying to hire people who have extraordinary qualities: flexibility, open-mindedness, good writing and speaking skills, intercultural skills to do business, curiosity… Learning French will help you acquire these qualities and will allow you to have a better position and a better salary.

If you don’t have any BA in a foreign language, you can take very affordable tests called DELF and DALF to validate your level of French. Each test allows you to have a diploma which will be valid for the rest of your life and that you can put on your resume.

This is a short list of examples of jobs that you can have thanks to a diploma in French and you will see that French teacher is not the only job opportunity you can have:

  • Bilingual client care representative
  • International business consultant
  • Bilingual tour consultant
  • Book review editor
  • French teacher
  • Language assessor
  • French is the language of diplomacy 😉
  • Lawyer
  • Proofreader
  • Publisher
  • Translator
  • Actor
  • Travel agent
  • University professor
  • Writer
  • Technical writer
  • Journalist
  • Foreign exchange trader
  • Game tester…

A foreign language is a plus for your career and studying French is a self-fulfilling and challenging activity. And you? When are you starting your French classes?



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